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How to Outfit a Kayak for Fishing — Kayak Fishing Accessories Explained

Do you already have kayak at home? Are you ready to use kayak for fishing? Once you get your new fishing kayak, the work of customizing begins. It is your kayak, and you make rules. You can make it simple or go wild.


Before you start buying best accessories, here are the key items to include in your fishing kayak build.


  1. Paddle

This item is your main method of transportation on your kayak for it controls the movement of the water and drives the kayak forwards. If you stick with a kayak fishing, look for adjustable feathering or a high-quality carbon paddle.

  1. Seat

Most kayaks come with seats that are already installed, but if you want to upgrade the seat for an added height and advantage for better fishing, then go with an elevated kayak for extra comfort. Elevated kayak supports your back while fishing. Look for a non-skid bottom, built-in gutters to flush out water with adjustable strap to stay comfortable under duress.

  1. Rod holders

At least one rod holder is needed in the cockpit area to hold the rod you’re fishing with, and another one or two rear-facing holders behind the seat to hold extra rods. This will secure your rod to the kayak in order to be hands-free. In choosing rod holders, look for an adjustable clamp that is based on the style of reel you are using and the mounting system of your kayak.

  1. Anchor system and anchor trolley

Anchor system is needed to maintain your position in the water that makes it perfect for relaxing. Along with the anchor, you also need to purchase a trolley system used to deploy the anchor from any position on the kayak from bow to stern. Look for rust-resistant, durable marine-grade rope and folds for easy storage.

  1. Paddle Leashes

This item is used to secure your paddle with leashes. Accidents might happen and important items will go overboard. Make sure that paddle and rods make it back to shore securing them with paddle leashes. Choose rod holders with leashes.

  1. Tackle storage and organization

Tackle storage and organization makes your hooks, leaders, flies and other tackle stay within reach, portable, compact and tough while you are seated in your kayak to make it secured and dry when not needed. Look for straps and padded skid pads, built-in retractable rod leash and removable dividers.

  1. Cooler

This is an essential item if you plan on staying out all day enjoying cold beers while fishing, having a cooler full of ice, drinks and food can make your fishing much more enjoyable. Most of fishing-specific kayaks have space behind the seat to accommodate hard-sided coolers or soft-sided coolers. Look for flip-top opening, resistant to punctures, closed-cell foam and leak-proof liner.

  1. Landing net

This item makes everything easier when you finally get that fish and prepare to hoist it aboard your kayak. Look for forearm grip, compact and easy stowage.

  1. Dry Bags

This item keeps your supplies dry while kayaking. If you spend much time kayak fishing, you will expect to take a spill at some point. Look for a light-weight design, features stabilizing construction, valve-free for easy waterproofing.

  1. Drift chute

This accessory helps you set up proper drift in heavy wind or current. There are times when you want to slow down your kayak but don’t stop moving completely with an anchor. Drift chute is useful as it drags the boat to slow your speed. Look for an automatic opening, neat collapsing for storage, clippable to an anchor trolley or other attachment points.

These are just some of the accessories used on how to outfit a kayak for fishing. For more information and inspiration on how to build a kayak for fishing, Crusade Outdoors is at your service for a successful kayak fishing experience.

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