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How To Choose The Right Recreational Kayak For You!

Choosing a kayak is not an easy thing to do. It is a big purchase and takes a lot of considerations. Picking the wrong kayak can limit as to what should be a great experience. How will you know which kayak is the best for you? It will depend on a variety of factors and your own personal choices.

Here are the few things to think about before purchasing Viking kayaks that will help you and fall in love with the sport.


Ask yourself first if you want a sit-inside or a sit-on-top type of kayak. What type of weather will you be paddling in? Or are you comfortable having your legs enclosed or not? Do you like being soaking wet? If you are paddling a cold climate, choose a sit-inside kayak. It is designed to allow you to actually sit on it. Your center of gravity is inside the sidewall of the kayak, and your legs are placed under the deck. You can add a kayak skirt, which can keep your legs warm and dry. If you do tip yourself over, you will be very wet, and you need to swim with your kayak to shore and drain it out. There are also some kayaks that are extremely stable which also has a lower chance of tipping over.

If you are paddling in warm weather, sit-on-tops will be the best choice because it is easier to get in and out. You can be able to hop and pull yourself back up. If it will flip over, you can crawl back in without swimming back to shore.

You also need to consider how comfortable you are having your legs under the deck. It comes to your own comfort. Some people do not prefer to have their legs enclosed. They fear the possibility of being stuck upside down in the kayak. But the good thing is, you will not be stuck upside down. If the kayak flips over, the paddlers will just float. It will not let you keep underwater. Visit CrusadeOutdoors and try one out.

Do you also like being soaking wet? If you choose a sit-on-top kayak, you have a higher chance of being wet. The splash will come out if the waves hit you. This is the style great for you if you are a warm-blooded, splash-loving paddler. If you are opposite, choose a sit-inside kayak then.



Designs of the Viking kayaks include a few different attributes. Length, width, and the actual design of hull will be important. Kayaks with long hull design will be great for speed and tracking but less stable and maneuverable while the short and wide kayak will be stable and maneuverable but will not track, and is a little bit slower. There are also flat bottom kayaks that are very stable but slower. Kayaks with a V-Shaped hull are much faster than a flat bottom but not as stable as the latter. They are considered a bit more advanced which requires high kayaking skills.


The last thing you need to determine is where are you going to use your kayak? Will you be traveling through lakes or in a variety of water setting? It is a factor that you should consider before deciding what to buy. If you will use kayaks in larger lakes, open waterways, and traveling a longer distance, consider a longer and narrower kayak with more advanced hull design. But if you prefer a slow moving kayak, narrow waterways like rivers and ponds or just want to leisurely paddle around, consider a shorter, wider kayak. It will make handling current and moving around obstacles much easier.

Always consider the transport of your Viking kayaks before purchasing a new one. No matter which style you purchase, be sure to have a great time paddling around.

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