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How to Choose a Kayak for Fishing

People nowadays are turning to kayak fishing. There are lots of reasons why they do. One, it offers anglers a new dimension of excitement and a fresh perspective in fishing. When battling a fish, it puts them closer to the action. Two, the maintenance of a kayak is minimal compared to a typical boat.

Whatever the reasons, if you are considering on purchasing a kayak, there are lots of top fishing kayak brands that you can choose from. But before making a final decision, ask yourself first a few questions below.

Where will I use my kayak?

The first thing you need to consider is the size of the kayak that fits your need. Mostly kayak models range from about 10 feet to 16-foot sea kayaks. If you’re planning to buy longer kayaks, they are generally faster, but they are less maneuverable compared to the shorter kayaks. If you will use kayaks to fish large bodies of water which require a lot of paddling, between 13 to 15-foot range might be the best choice.

For ponds and small to medium-size lakes, choosing a smaller and lighter kayak will be helpful. And if you will use it most of the time in rivers or streams, the shorter but maneuverable kayak is the best choice.

What will I take with me?

Kayak should be able to hold and safely transport you and your gears. Capacity and stability are major considerations so you must consider your body size and as well as everything you will carry on your fishing trip.

If you want to add more comfort, wider kayaks are more stable and it is intended to fish while standing. What you see as a comfortable kayak, in a few weeks’ time, will seem slow for you. Keep in mind that your skills and confidence will enhance as you gain more experiences in kayaking. Just be sure to bring a visibility flag if you are on a lake or river.

What will I choose: a Pedal or Paddle-type kayak?

Paddle type kayaks can be used for recreational fishing because it is more maneuverable which will give you a more authentic “kayak” experience. It is also better when fishing in smaller rivers and streams. In choosing a paddle, its length will depend on your height and how wide your kayak is. A taller angler and/or wider kayak will require longer paddle.

Pedal type kayak is fishing efficiency. It can help you maneuver on a large river. It is also easier to travel into the wind, and allow you to continue forward motion or hold a position in wind or current.


What other equipment will I need?

Having a good paddle is not enough, a personal floatation device is mandatory. Carrying multiple rods are recommended also as an anchoring system. A stake pole for pinning the kayak down in shallow water or a collapsible anchor for deep water. A storage crate can keep tackle trays organized and secure but it is optional as it depends on the volume of tackle you carry. Some of the equipment is optional as well as it is based on your personal preferences and fishing style.

The best way to choose the best kayaks is to try out as many as possible on the water. Try to sit in a kayak before you buy it. Think about your answers to all the questions.  There are a lot of top fishing kayak brands available in the market now, so don’t hesitate to take your time in choosing.


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