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5 Rules for Choosing the Right Fishing Kayak

Kayak fishing season is here. If you are getting into kayak fishing, then consider a lot of tough decisions to make in selecting a kayak that fits you. Have you ever asked yourself as to what is the best fishing kayak for you? Should you aim for affordable kayaks for fishing while starting out or something more expensive? Will you prefer fishing kayak with pedals or go for paddle-type kayaks? What other kayak gear will you be using, what is the best kayak setup?

Here are the 5 rules in choosing the right fishing kayak:

Rule 1 : Type of Kayak

Kayaks are composed of two types – sit inside and sit on top. Sit inside kayaks are a poor choice for fishing because water will stay inside and it needs to be emptied. They are difficult to recover if flipped and space is limited. Sit on top kayaks will be the best choice since any water from waves or flopping fish drains quickly out of the holes in the bottom. With its open design, it allows easy access to cargo as well as room for accessories, like kayak fish finder on utility tracks.

Rule 2: Body type

Determine your best comfort fit. Check the legroom of the kayak. Will the seat adjust to a slight bend in your knees while paddling or pedaling? Settle your back into the seat to check its comfort since you will be sitting in it for hours. Check also your seat, it should be elevated to keep your bottom dry and above the water.

Rule 3 : Stability

The boat must not be unsteady, given the need to twist and turn to cast and land fish. Stability is important. Avoid V-shaped hull if you are intending to stand up while fishing, but instead, look for a tunnel or a flat bottom hull that approximately 30 inches or 76 centimeters as this is better. Broad, short kayaks will be slow-moving. Also, short kayaks can get easily flipped by waves. Longer kayaks cut through the water smoothly that is why you have to pick the right width and hull type for stability and find the longest model where you are also comfortable.

Rule 4 : Transportability

The next rule is transportability. Be sure to determine how you will move the kayak. Will it sit on the top of the roof the car? Will you buy a track or a trailer? Ask these questions as fishing kayaks add more accessories which make it become heavier.  Always put your safety first.

Rule 5:   Consider using a used kayak

Using a used kayak will let you understand what you like, what you hate, and what features are useful where you fish – either in river, lake or ocean. Crusade outdoors have plenty of options and also have affordable kayaks for fishing. Therefore, consider the first four rules to pick the best kayak that fits your requirements then decide about keeping the old ones or replace it with a new one.

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